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Friday, 28 February 2020

Alert! Mobile data can be 7-8 times costlier

Alert! Mobile data can be 7-8 times costlier

Smartphone users may have to pay more for mobile data and calling services in the coming days. This is possible because the telecom company Vodafone Idea has demanded a minimum rate of Rs 35 / GB for mobile data. This is about 7-8 times the current rate. The company has also demanded a rate of 6 paise per minute for call services with a monthly fee. Right now the mobile data rates are Rs 4-5 per GB. The company has said that these new rates should be introduced from April 1 to enable it to pay its AGR dues and make its business operational. However, these are very difficult demands and it is a problem for the government to accept them.

According to official sources, loss-making telecom company Vodafone Idea is under pressure to pay AGR dues of more than Rs 50,000 crore. The company has to repay this statutory arrear under the Supreme Court order. The telecom company has sought 18 years to repay the dues. There should also be a 3-year exemption from payment of interest and penalty.