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Sunday, 2 February 2020

YOUTH(Role in a society) - By Bhat Yasir

The age group from 15 years- 30 years is youth. The youth has a very important role in society, Youth can play a tremendous role to lead their country by wit and courageously and bring their country out from the economical backwardness and darkness.When we talk about the future of families, communities and the country it lies in hands of youth. We can say youth is backbone of Country and Society. The role of youth is simply to renew, refresh and maintain current status of Society and Country. The youth have to fill that space and correct that mistake which our elders could not, Youth can do it because youth have that ability they can change the country’s and societies future from darkness to light, But it is very unfortunate our young and new generation has become the addict of drugs, which our elders have not expected 50 years before even 7-8 years age group of children’s are involved in drugs. We should wake up now otherwise it is big threat to our society. Youth should play their role to eradicate this menace from our society.
Youth are expected to advance the current technology, education, politics and peace of country. Youth can bring change by playing their role in society. Youth should solve the emotionally problems, Education related problems of teen agers.
Elders have also role in this they should guide youth and share their experience and where they have failed so that youth can correct that mistakes. They should give chance to youth to play their role. They should not suppress the voice of youth because everyone has a right to express and to speak. If they want change then they should give chance to youth so that youth can do anything.

Bhat Yasir