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Tuesday, 30 June 2020

JKBOSE Class 12th Special Examination Update

JKBOSE Class 12th Special Examination Update. Apply only for class 12th JKBOSE Special Examination.

It is notified for information of all the concerned candidates of Higher Secondary Part-ll Examination (Class 12th) Session Annual, Regular, 2020 Summer Zone of Jammu Province whose result has been declared on 28.06.2020 that their result has been prepared as per the criteria approved by the Competent Authority. According to this criteria, the average of the aggregate of the best two scored papers have been awarded in the rest of the papers which were not conducted by JKBOSE due to COVID-19 lockdown restrictions.

Such students, to whom the result declared as per above criteria, is not acceptable, the JKBOSE is pleased to allow them for “Special Examination“. The candidates shall apply in all the papers covered under the scheme of proportionate marks. The papers already conducted shall not be covered under “Special Examination” scheme.

The conduct of special examination shall be subject to the following conditions:-

1. That the candidate shall apply to JKBOSE within ten days from the date of declaration of the result, to appear in all such papers where the scheme of proportionate marks has been implemented.

2. That, in such cases, the result of the candidate declared earlier after awarding proportionate marks shall stand cancelled.

3. That only such candidates can appear in the Special Examination who stand declared as “Pass” in the said result.

4. That no fee shall be charged from the applicants for the Special Examination.

5. That the candidate shall submit an undertaking that he/she agrees to the cancellation of his/her earlier result by applying for the special exam. He/She shall also be fully responsible for his/her decision to appear for special examination and consequences thereof.

6. That the Marks Sheets and Provisional Certificates of the applicants of Special Examination shall be withheld till the declaration of the result of Special Examination.

7. That the JKBOSE shall conduct the special examination only when the prevailing conditions posed by COVID-19 pandemic subside and there is no risk/challenge to health and safety of the students / staff.

The link for applying for the Special Examination shall be available on official website of JKBOSE, www.jkbose.ac.in w.e.f. 02.07.2020 to 10.07.2020 Thereafter no claim, whatsoever, shall be entertained.