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Sunday, 30 August 2020

NEET exam 2020: 2 weeks to go; detail preparation plan to crack the exams—essential tips and strategies

NEET exam 2020: 2 weeks to go; detail preparation plan to crack the exams—essential tips and strategies

After an uncertain delay of more than two months, the National Eligibility Entrance Test (NEET) is finally going to be conducted on September 13 and students wishing to take in the country’s top medical colleges are left with only two weeks to prepare for the exam. Like any other competitive exam, the bulk of the focus of students should remain on the revision and practice part in the last few days up to the exam day as most students must have gone through the syllabus of the exam multiple times by now. Here are a few tips Devadas Krishnan who is associated with a Bengaluru based ed-tech platform have for students preparing for the exam, according to an Indian Express report.

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1. Students must not look for new books and resources at this juncture and must re-visit the ones they have already read. Multiple readings of NCERT books will not only help students have a better understanding of the topics but also help them hit the questions with more accuracy. Rather than pursuing the most interesting subject, candidates should ideally focus on all the three subjects-Physics, Biology and Chemistry equally as below-average performance in any of the subjects could destroy their admission chances. Topics carrying more weightage should be amply focused by the students

2. Strategy for Biology: Being the gateway for students who want to become doctors, the NEET exam has substantially more focus on Biology in comparison to Physics and Chemistry. Better marks in Biology will also help students secure an all India better rank as its marks are preferred in the case of a tiebreaker between the two students. Biological classification, plant kingdom, animal kingdom, cell, human health, human reproduction are some of the key topics for this exam and students must emphasise on these topics to fare better in the exam.

3. Strategy for Chemistry: Chemical bonding, Molecular structure, S and P block elements, chemical kinetics, equilibrium are some of the important topics which are heavily asked in the entrance exam. Thorough preparation for these topics can give an edge to the students.

4. Strategy for Physics: Consisting of both the concept-based and numerical based questions, the Physics section could make or break the chances of many students. Rather than focusing exclusively on numericals or theory, students had better devote their time equally on both. Most crucials topics from the Physics section are Modern Physics, Magnetism, semiconductors, current electricity and Newton laws system among others.

5. General tips: Multiple revisions and study up to as many hours as possible can play a crucial role in the exam. Revision will not only help candidates remember the facts and concepts better but also boost up their confidence in the exam hall. On the other hand, failure to complete multiple revisions will make students anxious and probably commit silly mistakes which could cost them very dear. 
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Solving question papers of previous years along with the mock test papers can also help students the general areas of the subjects from which most questions are asked in the exam. Students should also not forget to take small breaks between their mounting study hours for leisure and small physical activities.