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Friday, 22 January 2021

JKBOSE Result Cancellation Notice for Class 12th - Check here

Jammu And Kashmir Board Of School Education

Cancellation of result of 135 candidates of HSE-l(Class 12th) 2019-
20, Annual/Bi-Annual(Pvt) KD in Additional subject and conduct of examination in their favour.

Reference: OM No.Admn-C/2020/D/368; Rehari Colony; Dated: 04-12-2020

In response to the above referred to Office Memo the result of the 135 candidates of HSE-lI(Class 12th) 2019-20, Annual/Bi- Annual(Pvt) KD declared passed in Additional subject in contravention of the Notification no. F(Acad-C)BA-Pvt/19-20/X/Xl)/20:
Dated: 31-08-2020 of Director Academics is declared as Cancelled. The amended result notification no.003/HSP-two(P) Bi-Annual 2020; Dated:29-12-20 is hereby enclosed for vide publication among the concerned and for making the necessary entries in the result registers of the HSE-II(Class 12th) 2019-20, Annual/Bi-Annual(Pvt) KD declared in the first instance by taking the mean of the marks of the already passed subjects. The concerned candidates be informed accordingly and the marks certificates if issued be retrieved back from the concerned and the candidates be informed that they have to appear in
the examination for the cancelled result of the Additional subject.

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